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RoboForex clients are welcome to invest into Slack Technologies right after its NYSE listing. This can be done through R Trader, a multi-asset platform with over 9,400 instruments to trade, including stocks listed on US, German, and Swiss exchanges.

Slack Technologies successfully listed its stocks on June 20, 2019 with NYSE:WORK ticker. The starting price per share was $26, while right after the trading began, the shares went up by 48% to reach $38.50, and hit $42 once. The stock open price on Friday will be $36.25, with the market cap of $18.29B.

Slack listed its stocks directly, which is a rather rare case in today’s public trading. This allowed the company to save a lot of costs on underwriter services, but deprived it of an opportunity to raise additional money. Shareholders and employees, however, may sell shares starting the first trading day, thus bypassing the hold period.

Slack Technologies is famous for its messenger and project management software development. The company was founded as Tiny Speck in 2009 and was initially developing a video game called Glitch. In 2012, the project was closed as unpopular, and it was not until 2014 when the company got enough investment to launch Slack, a messenger that was initially used for inner communication between Glitch developers.

In 2018, the company claimed having 8M daily active users, with around 3M of them having paid accounts.

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