Demo accounts contest November. Prize fund 6,000 USD!

Take Part in Demo Forex Contest With 6,000 USD Prize Fund!

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November 4-29th, 2019 we organize the Demo Forex contest which allows everyone to sample trading on demo accounts and win real money!

A contest on demo accounts is a great opportunity to boost up your trading skills risking nothing. The participant that will have the maximal deposit on the contesting account by the end of the competition will be the winner. The remaining prizes will be distributed the same way.


  • First prize - 800 USD
  • Second prize - 700 USD
  • Third prize - 600 USD

The overall prize fund is 6,000 USD, distributed between 20 winners.

Trading conditions at the contest

Maximal leverage 1:100

Enhance your trading opportunities and demonstrate your skills in trading large sums.

Up to 10 orders at a time

The maximal number of open and pending orders on the contesting account is 10.

Starting balance 5,000 USD

The virtual 5,000 USD will be deposited to the contesting accounts a minute before the beginning of the competition.

How to take part?

  1. Register your Personal Members Area of a trader and complete verification.
  2. Open a contesting account.
  3. Trade and win!

In more detail, the information about the competition and its conditions is available at

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