A Week On The Market: The Fed Starts Printing Money, Pound Waiting For Brexit Details

A Week on the Market (May 11th - May 17th): Much Statistics

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This week, the statistics receive all the attention. It will be abundant but investors will not necessarily react to every publication.

USA: the report on the retail sales and inflation

In both cases, the results will be negative, and this is normal. American retailers have already started announcing bankruptcies, and this is just the start of a long chain. Bearing in mind that the real unemployment rate is about 22-23% - i.e. each fifth person is unemployed - things become clear. People shop for foods only, all other purchases are put aside.

EU: waiting for the GDP report

This week, the report on the GDP for the first quarter is due, and the real digits may be worse than forecast. The expectations are 3.6% but the factual decline will most likely be around 4%. However, we will see the worst digits in the second quarter: the European economy may drop by 10%, which is very bad news.

Great Britain: GDP and industrial production

British statistics are also plentiful on the schedule. The reports will be on GDP and industrial production. In the construction sector, production may have fallen by 5-7%, while in the processing sector the decline may amount to 20%. We will see the real digits, however, no reason to wait for a miracle. The pound may decline due to the statistics, but the main part of the negative events is already included in the price.

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