A Week in the Market (04/12 - 04/18): A Lot of Statistics and Few Comments

A Week in the Market (04/12 - 04/18): A Lot of Statistics and Few Comments

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The third week of April will march under the banner of macroeconomic statistics while monetary policymakers will be quite reserved in their comments. However, this fact won’t decrease the number of catalysts for market fluctuations.

JPY: price statistics are still at the center of attention

In the coming days, Japan will report on the Producer Price Index, the Machine Tool Orders, and the Bank Lending. Everything that concerns prices is very important for understanding what is happening in the Japanese economy. A stable and positive report will give market players ground to buy JPY.

EUR: investors are closely watching data from Germany

The Euro Area is about to publish the statistics on the Retail Sales, the ZEW Economic Sentiment, the Industrial Production, the Consumer Price Index for March, and the Trade Balance. Several reports will be published by Germany and the European currency might remain stable if they turn out to be neutral.

China: a wide range of numbers

This week, China will offer plenty of statistics that may help to see what is going on in the biggest Asian economy. It’s very important because there is a sound opinion on the market that China will take charge of the global economic recovery and growth this year. Investors should pay attention to the Trade Balance for March, the Industrial Production, and the Retail Sales. The stronger the numbers, the better for currencies of developing economies.

USD: all eyes are on the inflation report

There won’t be many statistics from the USA this week but market players should definitely pay attention to March reports on the Retail Sales, which is expected to recover after plummeting in the previous month, the Import Prices, and the Consumer Price Index. The better the CPI data, the more pressure on the USD.

GBP: stability depends on the February GDP report

The United Kingdom will also be quite active in the economic calendar during the third April week. Market players will be offered the GDP and the Industrial Production for February. The Bank of England will publish the Credit Conditions Survey. It’s very important for the GDP report to demonstrate positive dynamics because it may help GBP to start recovering.

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