A Week in the Market (05.07 - 11.07): Statistics Becoming Abundant

A Week in the Market (05.07 - 11.07): Statistics Becoming Abundant

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A new week of July will bring along the results of more meetings of Central Banks and a flow of important statistics. All this supports volatility in the currency sector.

Central banks: stability is the key

This week, meetings are planned by the Central banks of Israel, Romania, Malaysia, Poland, Serbia, Sri Lanka, and Peru. In most cases, interest rates will not change. Capital market are focused on stability and consistent monetary decisions on all levels of credit and monetary policy. Neutral decisions and commentaries at the end of meetings will give capital markets reasons for interest towards risk.

AUD: the RBA will give a signal

This week the Reserve Bank of Australia will make it's decision on the interest rate. It is expected to remain at 0.10% per annum, near its all-time low. Comments of the RBA on the labor market situation and inflation rates are of great interest — if things are optimistic here, the AUD might rise.

USD: investors are waiting for the minutes of the Fed

This week, the US Federal Reserve system will publish the minutes of its previous meeting. In fact, there might be no reaction to the document at all because investors have just learned the details of the labor market situation, and the latter is quite uneven. However, if there are any hints that economic stimulation might end preliminary in the USA, the USD might grow.

EUR: we might keep balance

On the new week of July, the Eurozone will be active with macroeconomic events. Today, Sentix CCI is going to be published alongside ZEW business sentiment, the minutes of the previous ECB meeting, and the retail sales report. The results are expected to be moderate, the tone of the regulator — neutral, and all this together will leave the EUR balanced.

GBP: the pound needs good news

After a pause, Great Britain is returning to the macroeconomic calendar. They are preparing such data as the PMI in services for June, BRC retail sales, and a block of industrial statistics — from general production volumes to sector-wise statistics. Moreover, May GDP data are expected. The GBP is craving for good news.

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