Financial brokerage company RoboForex announces the start of a new promotional campaign with a prize pool of 1,000,000 USD. The campaign will run from 1 June 2023 to 31 March 2024, with 600 cash prizes to be distributed among RoboForex partners over the course of ten months.

How to participate in the campaign

Partners who attract clients to the company through the RoboForex Partner Programme will receive special coupons that will be used for the prize draws. The number of coupons allocated will depend on the amount of partner commission earned per month. The higher the commission amount, the more coupons are received, thereby increasing the chances of winning a prize.

Commission amount in USDNumber of coupons
500 1
6,000 4
18,000 8
40,000 16

For example, if a partner's commission on 6 June amounts to 1,100 USD, they will receive 3 coupons: One coupon for reaching the 500 USD level, and two additional coupons for exceeding the 1,000 USD level. Please note that loyalty programme payments will not be considered in the calculations.

A partner can receive a maximum of 31 coupons within a month, and each coupon will be valid only for the next draw.

Prize pool details

The total prize pool for the whole campaign is 1,000,000 USD. Over the course of 10 months, there will be 10 prize drawings. Each month, 60 cash prizes will be distributed, totalling 100,000 USD. The prize distribution is as follows:

PrizeAmount in USD

How the draws are conducted

To determine the winners, each coupon is assigned a unique six-digit number. Winning combinations are determined based on the closing prices of the most popular assets on the last trading day of the first week of each calendar month. Price data is recorded using the independent resource The participant whose coupon number is mathematically closest to one of the winning combinations becomes the winner. View all the combinations and terms of the draws on the Promotion Rules page.

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Take part in the RoboForex promotion and seize the opportunity to win cash prizes.

Take Part in the Promotion