EUR/USD remains in a balanced state, awaiting further developments.

The major currency pair, EUR/USD, continues its consolidation phase, with the current exchange rate at 1.910.

The macroeconomic calendar for today does not offer any significant data, allowing the market to shift its attention towards more global factors.

One key focus of investors is speculation regarding the future interest rate decisions in the United States. There is a possibility that the Federal Reserve may opt to raise lending costs at its meeting in 35 days, scheduled for late July, without extending the current pause.

Another point of interest revolves around the European Central Bank (ECB) facing a shortage of funds for interest rate payments and funding. The estimated cash deficit stands at 19 billion EUR. The tightening of monetary policy has contributed to increased spending, while income growth remains stagnant.

Overall, the EUR/USD pair appears to be in a state of neutrality at present.

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