The AUD/USD pair shows signs of recovery amid a decline in the US dollar.

The Australian dollar has found stability against the US dollar, with the current AUD/USD quote at 0.6804.

The Aussie experienced a rebound following the US Federal Reserve's decision to raise the interest rate by 25 basis points to 5.5% per annum. While the overall currency market did not receive an entirely positive signal, the US dollar weakened while other currencies appreciated.

The upcoming meeting of the Reserve Bank of Australia is scheduled for August 1st, where the interest rate is expected to remain unchanged at 4.1% per annum.

Simultaneously, the market is reevaluating the peak value of the RBA rate, which is now anticipated to be 4.30% instead of the previously projected 4.45%. The published statistics appear sufficient for the RBA to hold back from calling for an increase in borrowing costs next week.

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