The rapid descent of AUD/USD has temporarily subsided.

The Australian dollar, in tandem with the US dollar, has managed to put a temporary hold on its downward momentum, though it remains in a vulnerable state. The current exchange rate for AUD/USD rests at 0.6398.

In the previous session, the AUD hit its lowest point in a span of 9 months.

This stabilization in AUD sentiment can be attributed in part to actions undertaken by the People's Bank of China. In a recent move, the regulator intervened by purchasing yuan in the currency market, which served to alleviate some of the prevailing market tensions. This stabilization of the yuan has also had a positive ripple effect on other Asian currencies.

As of the present morning, reports indicate that Chinese authorities have directed state-owned banks to persist with currency interventions, and the necessary resources for this purpose have been allocated. The outcomes of these measures are anticipated to manifest in the days ahead.

The AUD's exchange rate remains highly sensitive to shifts in China's economic and financial landscape, given China's position as Australia's primary trade and economic partner.

Additionally, domestic factors are exerting notable pressure on the AUD's exchange rate. Foremost among these is the Reserve Bank of Australia's decision to maintain its current stance on interest rates.

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