AUD/USD is currently undergoing a sharp descent.

The Australian dollar, in conjunction with the US dollar, is witnessing a substantial drop, with the present AUD/USD exchange rate recorded at 0.6365.

This decline has driven the Aussie to its lowest point since November 2022, as market participants continue to scrutinize prior data.

The trade balance surplus in Australia for July has sunk to its lowest level in 17 months. The report illustrates a noteworthy surge in imports alongside a decline in exports, which can be attributed to diminishing global demand.

This week's data, however, indicates higher-than-anticipated GDP growth in Australia during the second quarter. This growth can be attributed to active government investments and stable exports.

The Reserve Bank of Australia's monetary policy stance continues to exert significant pressure on AUD positions. At the September meeting, the interest rate was maintained at a steady 4.1% per annum. Furthermore, the Australian dollar is grappling with the adverse effects of the US dollar's global ascendancy and the economic uncertainties surrounding China.

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