The EUR/USD pair is gradually climbing, influenced by a slowdown in US inflation.

The central currency pair is seeing a cautious increase on Thursday. Currently, the EUR/USD exchange rate is at 1.0630.

The recent release of the US Producer Price Index (PPI) statistics indicates a steady decline in inflation during September. This has reignited discussions among investors about whether the Federal Reserve is concluding its aggressive interest rate hike cycle.

In September, the US PPI rose to 2.2% year-on-year, up from the previous figure of 1.6%. On a month-to-month basis, the index only increased by 0.5%, a slowdown from August's 0.7% rise.

The speculation regarding whether the era of heightened borrowing costs is concluding will remain a pivotal point for financial markets until the Fed's November meeting. It is at this point that the regulator's intentions regarding interest rates will become clearer.

Today's focal points include the release of US consumer price data for September and the weekly jobless claims numbers.

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