USD/JPY is on a continuous rise post recent interventions.

The Japanese yen's value against the US dollar is steadily diminishing. The current exchange rate for USD/JPY is at 149.71.

The US dollar is once again nearing a significant psychological threshold for the market at the 150 yen mark, fueled by the recent release of US inflation data. The disparity between Japanese and US government bond yields has widened as the market scrutinizes these figures.

As USD hovers around the 150.00 yen level, the possibility of intervention is back in question. During the last instance, it remained uncertain whether financial interventions were employed to support the JPY. Just a little over a week ago, the dollar dropped from 150.00 to 147.43 yen on October 3. Now, the yen is weakening once again, rekindling the query about potential intervention.

There is considerable skepticism regarding whether sporadic interventions can effectively stabilize the yen. The market closely monitors government bond yields based on interest rate differentials. Without a significant shift in the Bank of Japan's monetary policy, this volatility is likely to persist.

Considering these factors, it's plausible that the yen will continue its devaluation.

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