The GBP/USD pair is experiencing a decline after the unveiling of surprising inflation data.

The British pound sterling, in conjunction with the US dollar, is facing downward pressure, with the current GBP/USD exchange rate at 1.2639.

November's UK inflation report brought unexpected revelations: the consumer price index dipped to 3.9%, contrary to the anticipated 4.4%, and core inflation receded to 6.3% from the prior 6.6%. These notable shifts caught the central bank off guard, particularly as core inflation was not projected to decrease until the spring of the coming year.

In response to these developments, investors are adjusting their expectations, now foreseeing a potential interest rate cut by the Bank of England moving from June 2024 to May.

As the anticipated divergence in interest rates between the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve softens, the pound is experiencing a natural decline.

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