Author: Andrey Goilov

Higher economic education. Has been working on the Forex market since 2005. A financial analyst and successful trader. Preference in trading is highly volatile instruments. A member of RoboForex Analytics department, writes short- and long-term reviews for the company’s clients, publishes analytical materials on financial markets. Adheres to classic approach to technical analysis. Holds daily webinars on trading and creating educational materials for RoboForex.

Andrew's Pitchfork - Efficient Graphic Instrument

Andrew's Pitchfork is an instrument of graphic analysis based on the middle trendline and an equidistant channel. Unfortunately, this method of trading and analysis is not very popular among traders; however, it seems to be perfect for drawing a channel quickly and trading bounces off and breakouts of its borders.

Gazprom – Should One Expect a New Growth After the Start of a Descending Correction?

Last summer, Gazprom stocks showed an excellent upwards dynamic and finally broke the sideways channel where they had been moving for several years. From the technical point of view, nothing extraordinary happened: as soon as the price is leaving a sideways channel, volatility is increasing and they may easily cover the distance equal to the width of this channel in the direction of a breakout. This is exactly what we’ve seen in the Gazprom chart