Author: Dmitriy Gurkovskiy

Having majored in both Social Psychology and Economics, I went on to continue my education in post graduate. Later, I worked as a team lead of a tech and fundamental analysis lab in the Applied System Analysis Research Institute. This helped me to acquire all necessary skills and experience to become a successful trader and analyst, as well as a portfolio manager in an investment company. I’m a pro in the financial field, who authors articles for various international media. I also hold the position of a Chief Analyst at RoboForex.

How to Trade on Financial Markets?

What are financial markets – exchange and Forex? Trading procedures on Forex How transactions are performed? Forex trading strategies Tips for beginners What are financial markets – exchange and Forex? When an uninitiated reader encounters the collocation "financial market", they discern no difference between such terms as "stock market", "exchange", "Forex", "equity market", "bond market", […]

How to Trade with Leverage

What Is Leverage Leverage in Forex How to Get Leverage Leverage and Expenses Advantages of Leverage Leverage Risks What Is Leverage Leverage means the ratio between the money you own and that borrowed from the broker. Different brokers offer different leverage sizes, which also depend on the market you are trading. In Forex, you can […]

Transdigm Group Pumped Aerospace Parts by 4,000%

Transdigm Group (NYSE: TDG), an aerospace parts manufacturer, was a very engaging company in terms of nice profits in the long term. Currently, however, the US Congress may run an investigation against it. The investors have already started to sell the shares off. Let's see whether one should or should not panic yet. About Transdigm […]

Alibaba, Inc.: The Best Option in a Bearish Market

Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) released its quarterly report on May 15, where both the earnings and the EPS exceeded Bloomberg's expectations. The earnings hit CNY 93.50B, or $13.60B, 50.60% more than a year before, while the net profit rose by 250%, reaching CNY 25.83B, or $3.72B. The EPS climbed, too: CNY 8.57 ($1.23) against CNY 5.73 […]