Author: Evgeny Savitsky

I have been working on the Forex market since 2004. While creating my proprietary trading strategy, I studied a lot of materials on the foreign exchange market. I am the author of number of strategies for the Forex market, also have extensive experience working with EA. Since 2012, I’ve been trading stocks on US Stock Exchanges and writing analytical articles about the US stock market. I hold analytical and training webinars for traders of RoboForex on everyday basis.

Cloudflare: Technology Company Preparing IPO

Cloudflare Inc. is an American company founded in 2009. Its business is web safety and web infrastructure, content delivery network services, protection from DDoS attacks and access to DNS servers and resources. Cloudflare stands between website visitors and the hosting provider of the Cloudflare user, acting as a reverse proxy server for websites. According to the data of the SolveDNS website, Cloudflare has one of the highest speeds of DNS search in the world, which allows the client to access the website as quick as possible. Cloudflare provides its services to more than 20 million websites, reducing the response time to less than 100 milliseconds for 98% of users in the developed countries. To imagine this speed, just blink. It will take you 4 times longer than the response time. For businesses, such a speed increases conversion and, hence, profit.

What Stocks to Buy on the Declining Market?

The S&P500 index fell again upon testing its historical maximums. The last two waves of declining were used by investors as a chance to buy with the aim to take at the start of the new ascending trend. However, as soon as the price reaches its record values, the buyers disappear and those who bought earlier lock in their profit, putting pressure on the index.

Forex Robot Testing: System CCI

System CCI expert advisor works on the basis of well-known indicator Commodity Channel Index (CCI hereafter), included in a standard list of indicators of the MetaTrader 4 terminal. For opening a position, a signal line of the CCI and default levels of the EA are used. The levels are customizable for a more precise opening of positions.

Will Netflix Keep Its Subscribers?

On August 6th Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) submitted its financial report for the second quarter of 2019. According to the report, the company's income has reached record levels, amounting to 20.25 billion USD; however, it has not matched the forecast level of 21.46 billion USD, which led to a steep decline of the stock price by 5%.