Author: Evgeny Savitsky

I have been working on the Forex market since 2004. While creating my proprietary trading strategy, I studied a lot of materials on the foreign exchange market. I am the author of number of strategies for the Forex market, also have extensive experience working with EA. Since 2012, I’ve been trading stocks on US Stock Exchanges and writing analytical articles about the US stock market. I hold analytical and training webinars for traders of RoboForex on everyday basis.

Forex Robot Testing: System CCI

The System CCI expert advisor works on the basis of the well-known indicator Commodity Channel Index (CCI hereafter), included in the standard list of indicators of the MetaTrader 4 terminal. For opening a position, the signal line of the CCI and the default levels of the EA are used. The levels are customizable for a more precise opening of positions.

Will Netflix Keep Its Subscribers?

On August 6th Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) submitted its financial report for the second quarter of 2019. According to the report, the company's income has reached record levels, amounting to 20.25 billion USD; however, it has not matched the forecast level of 21.46 billion USD, which led to a steep decline of the stock price by 5%.

Long-term investment. How to choose stocks

Any trader who has decided to quit intraday trading, faces the question: what criteria to use for choosing stocks for long-term investment and what is worth paying attention to first hand. In this case the trader should start from the simplest – look at those indices that appear on the net first of all and are available to each investor not eager to go into detail.

What To Expect From Google, McDonald’s And Starbucks This Week?

This week investor attention on the market will be attracted to the reports of such widely known companies as Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG), McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) and Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX). Let us have a look at these companies and study the market expectations about them. Alphabet Inc. stock analysis For the last six months Alphabet stocks […]

How to Make Money on IPO?

What is IPOGoals of IPOAdvantages of IPODrawbacks of IPOTypes of IPOUnderwritingTypes of contracts between the issuer and the underwriterDirect listingRisks of direct listingRoad ShowHow to make money on IPOSummary What is IPO IPO stands for Initial Public Offering of the stocks of the issuing company on the stock market. In other words, through the IPO […]

Bitcoin Has Grown Beyond $10,000; What To Expect From NVIDIA?

In 2015 one could buy Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) stocks for just 20 USD each; however, an unexpected growth of interest toward cryptocurrencies has changed the investors’ view of this company accordingly. The more the cryptocurrency market grew, the more people wanted to mine: individuals with 1 to 10 graphic cards as well as major investors, owning mining farms with thousands of graphic cards. All this led to increased demand for GPU, and the income of Nvidia has started growing, too. The management realized that the boost was temporary; nonetheless, they tried to get the most from the existing demand. As a result, there appeared a whole department engaged in development of GPU chips for mining.

Slack Technologies Carried Out A Direct Listing On NYSE

About Slack Technologies Slack Technologies Financing Major Stockholders Of Slack Direct Listing: Advantages And Drawbacks Slack Finance Slack Technical Analysis In 2018 Spotify Technologies (NYSE: SPOT) carried out an IPO. The company is less popular than, say, UBER (NYSE: UBER); nonetheless, it attracted attention of other issuers planning an IPO because of its unusual placement, […]

Alibaba Stock Price May Drop For 90% In July

In the end of May I called Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) stocks the best investment on the declining market; however, today I am talking about the probability that their price falls for 90%. I have not changed my mind about the company and insist on their stocks being one of the best possible assets for investment, which […]

Tesla Stocks May Rise to $280

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has been downtrending since December, having lost around 48% so far. In early May, in another Tesla stocks review, we mentioned the short position percentage had been around 25%. Now, it's already 28.12%, and every single day, the negative sentiment increases. When the stock was above $300, there was not so much […]