Victor Gryazin


Has traded in financial markets since 2004. The knowledge and experience he has acquired constitute his own approach to analyzing assets, which he is happy to share with the listeners of RoboForex webinars.

The author’s articles

What are Forex Cent Accounts Needed For?

This article is devoted to the use of cent accounts by beginners and experts. Cent account is a type of a Forex account that is measured in the base currency units denominated 100 times.

How to Trade “Tasuki Gap” Pattern?

In this article, we’ll discuss rules and methods of trading the “Tasuki Gap” pattern. You won’t find it very often, but it’s a quite strong pattern of trend continuation from the candlestick analysis.

How to Trade FTSE 100 (UK 100)

This overview is devoted to the structure of FTSE 100 and the ways of trading it. This is the British leading stock index that reflects the dynamics of the stock price of the 100 largest companies in the London Stock Exchange.

Trading with Ultimate Oscillator

This overview is devoted to the working principles and trading signals of Ultimate Oscillator. It was created and used by a successful market trader Larry Williams.

Doji Pattern: Types and Trading

This overview is devoted to the ways of trading the Doji pattern. This is a candlestick analysis pattern that appears on the price chart from time to time and promise a possible correction or a reversal of the actual trend.

How to Trade the Engulfing Pattern?

This overview is devoted to the Engulfing pattern; to how it forms and works. This candlestick pattern is easy to note on the chart. It forecasts a reversal of the actual trend.

Top-7 Oscillators for Trading

Trading indicators have long become useful instruments in traders’ work. This article is devoted to seven popular oscillators that help detect the current market situation and give signals for opening and closing positions.

How to Trade Hanging Man and Inverted Hammer?

This over view is devoted to two reversal patterns from candlestick analysis: the Hanging Man and Inverted Hammer. When they appear on the chart, this means a correction or a reversal might start.

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