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A Week in the Market (07/06 - 07/12): Positive Moods

Another week of July is already here, and the expectations are neutral. It offers statistics – but not fatal, actions of Central banks – but predictable, and news – but pretty stable. It is high time to breathe out and relax a bit unless the news flow brings up something unexpected.

A Week on the Market (06/22 - 06/29): Too Quiet But for Good

By the end of June, the financial market has received almost all the information it expected. What is left are just statistics and the end of the quarantine — for the world to start functioning at a full scale. This week, there is the macroeconomic data planned for publication alongside general economic events — all in all, plenty of things to pay attention to.

A Week on the Cryptocurrency Market (04/06 - 04/12): Judicial Disputes and the BTC Rate

The cryptocurrency market is currently experiencing the same decline of traders’ interests as the world of fiat currencies. They take interest in growth when the external fundamental background is stable and risks are “smoothed”. However, there is not much fundamental news at the beginning of April but here’s something worth paying attention to.