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U Power IPO: Battery Replacement Stations for Electric Cars in China

The IPO of U Power Limited will take place on 23 March on the NASDAQ exchange. The company is developing the technology for rapid battery change in electric vehicles and is building the corresponding stations in China. Let's take a look at the specifics of the addressable market, and the financial position of U Power Limited.

What Happened to Silicon Valley Bank, and What Has the Fed to Do With It?

We will provide a brief background on Silicon Valley Bank, describing how the Fed's rate hike affected the bank's bankruptcy. We will analyse how the collapse of SVB affected the banking sector in the US and Europe. We will talk about the assets that have increased in value amid the current banking crisis.

IPO of Beamr Imaging: In-Demand Video Compression Technology

The IPO of Beamr Imaging Ltd. on the NASDAQ will take place on 28 February. The company develops technologies for encoding, compressing and decoding videos and images. Let’s take a closer look at Beamr Imaging Ltd.’s business and financial position.

How the CPI Affects Oil Prices

In today's article, we’ll look at the oil market's reaction to the recent release of CPI statistics in the US. We will analyse the relationship between consumer price growth and the price of black gold and look at oil and gas companies’ earnings from the current oil prices.

How ChatGPT Could Affect Microsoft's Business

Today we take a closer look at ChatGPT and OpenAI, examine how Microsoft is involved with the company, and explore how the IT giant could benefit from incorporating AI technology into its products.

IPO Lichen China: Tax Consultancy in China

The IPO of Lichen China Limited will take place on 2 February on the NASDAQ. The company operates in the financial advisory market in China. Let's take a closer look at the business and financial position of Lichen China Limited.

IPO of Hengguang Holding: A Chinese Insurance Broker

Hengguang Holding is planning an IPO on NASDAQ. The exact date of the IPO is yet to be known. The company operates in the Chinese insurance market. Let's take a closer look at Hengguang Holding's business and financial position.

Top 5 Affiliate Deals for the End of 2022

Today, we will take a look at the five companies whose stocks were actively invested in by their affiliates during the final two weeks of 2022. The top five affiliate transactions included purchases of securities of Lucid Group Inc., Dave & Buster's Entertainment Inc., Chargepoint Holdings Inc., STAAR Surgical Company, and Mediaco Holding Inc.

Intchains Group IPO: ASIC Producer for Mining

Intchains Group Limited's IPO will take place on 5 January on the NASDAQ exchange. The company designs and manufactures integrated circuits for cryptocurrency mining equipment. Let's take a closer look at Intchains Group Limited's business and financial position.

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