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Emergency in US: Solar Energy Attracts Attention Again

The US has declared the state of emergency due to the shortage of equipment for producing electric power. Let us get acquainted with the market of solar energy and the three leaders - Enphase Energy, SolarEdge Technologies, and First Solar – analysing the future of the companies.

IPO of Singing Machine: A Leader in Karaoke Equipment

Singing Machine Company is planning to go public by listing on the NASDAQ on 25 May. The issuer is engaged in manufacturing karaoke equipment – it’s in the Top 5 of the industry leaders. Let’s take a closer look at the company’s business and financial performance.

4 Stocks for Trading in Uncertainty

This article gives advice on which shares to choose for trading in uncertain conditions. It is explained how the list was made, and why investors should check it out.

Why Tilray Brands Shares Grew by 82%

In the second half of March, Tilray Brands shares grew by 82%. The growth was provoked by the news that the House of Representatives supported the draft bill legalising cannabis on federal level in the US. Tilray Brands in the largest company in the market in terms of capitalisation.

IPO of QSAM Biosciences: Attempt to Beat Cancer

QSAM Biosciences is engaged in the development of radiopharmaceutical medicines for cancer treatment. The company is planning to go public on 7 April by listing on the NASDAQ. We’re studying the issuer’s financial performance and trying to find out whether the stock might find its audience among investors.

Electric Car Market: Demand Still Growing

The article deals with the electric car-market and its perspectives, guidelines for investments, and details of the situation in such shares as Tesla, Ford, General Motors, NIO, Xpeng, Li Auto, Volkswagen, and Renault.

IPO of Rail Vision: AI for The Railway Industry

Rail Vision develops cutting-edge safety systems for the railway industry, implementing artificial intelligence in its products. The company’s IPO will take place on 25 March 2022. We are analysing the business and financial reports to determine whether the stock will find its audience among investors.

DraftKings: Online Betting Market Grows

DraftKings Inc., whose shares are traded in NASDAQ, is one of the largest companies in the market of online sports betting. Over 2021-2022, it increased its revenue by 190% to 473 million USD. Full legalisation of betting on the USA will increase the revenue of DraftKings by dozens of times.

Why ChargePoint Shares Are Interesting Investment

ChargePoint Holdings manages the global largest network of charging stations for electric cars – 174,000 stations in 16 countries. The company is at the start of its development. By 2030, yearly sales of electric cars might reach 25-46 million cars.

IPO of Dynasty Financial Partners: A SaaS Platform for Brokers

Dynasty Financial Partners Inc. developed a SaaS platform for wealth management. The is planning to go public by listing on the NASDAQ. We are analysing the issuer's business model and financial reports to determine how interesting the stock might be for investment.

AMD Shares: Interesting Investment but not at Current Prices

Advanced Micro Devices demonstrates impressive financial results over the last quarters. AMD is capturing a part of the market from NVIDIA and Intel, and the merger with Filing will let it expand its target market by 38%. Over the last quarter, AMD shares lost 30% but keep trading in an uptrend.

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