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Is the Interest Rate Growth Cycle Coming to an End?

In this article, we will try to analyse what is currently happening to the US economy, what parameters Mr. Powell is focusing on, why inflation fell in October, and whether there is any chance that this dynamic will continue in the future.

Which Companies Work with AR Technologies

What is AR? How does it differ from virtual reality? Where is it used, and which companies work with it? We will try to answer these and other important questions in today’s article.

IPO of FGI Industries

FGI Industries Ltd. went public on 25 January on the NASDAQ. The company is involved in the production and distribution of plumbing products. Let’s take a closer look at FGI’s business and financial health.

What Bond Market Tells Us

Let us discuss the perspectives of investing in bonds. We will explain what influence QE and QT have over the stock market and why the profitability of bonds may drop. Also, we will enumerate the ETFs that have a noticeable correlation with the profitability of bonds.

IPO of Alopexx: New Achievements of Immunotherapy

Alopexx will carry out an IPO on 22 September at NASDAQ. The company creates drugs against microbial infections and other immune-mediated diseases. Let us look into the detail of the company's business and financial performance.

Fed Will Go on Increasing Interest Rate

Why are investors waiting for Jerome Powell's comments? Isn't he mistaken about inflation? What did he say at the symposium at Jackson Hole and how did his words influence the market? Let us answer these and other questions.

3 Stocks with Dividends Above 6%

Consumer inflation expectations research shows that in 2022, inflation is expected to reach 6.2%. Shares of which companies can boast dividend yield no lower than 6%? From which sectors are these companies?

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