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IPO of GigaCloud Technology: A Marketplace For SME

GigaCloud Technology is planning to go public by listing on the NASDAQ on 19 August. The company operates in the ecommerce digital platforms market. Let’s take a closer look at GigaCloud Technology’s business model and financial health.

The IPO Market Trends in 2022

This article is dedicated to the IPO market trends in 2022. We’ll take a closer look at how a recession influences the IPO sector and what prospects it has. We’ll talk about the risks of participation in Initial Public Offerings in the existing market environment.

Emergency in US: Solar Energy Attracts Attention Again

The US has declared the state of emergency due to the shortage of equipment for producing electric power. Let us get acquainted with the market of solar energy and the three leaders - Enphase Energy, SolarEdge Technologies, and First Solar – analysing the future of the companies.

IPO of Singing Machine: A Leader in Karaoke Equipment

Singing Machine Company is planning to go public by listing on the NASDAQ on 25 May. The issuer is engaged in manufacturing karaoke equipment – it’s in the Top 5 of the industry leaders. Let’s take a closer look at the company’s business and financial performance.

4 Stocks for Trading in Uncertainty

This article gives advice on which shares to choose for trading in uncertain conditions. It is explained how the list was made, and why investors should check it out.

Why Tilray Brands Shares Grew by 82%

In the second half of March, Tilray Brands shares grew by 82%. The growth was provoked by the news that the House of Representatives supported the draft bill legalising cannabis on federal level in the US. Tilray Brands in the largest company in the market in terms of capitalisation.

IPO of QSAM Biosciences: Attempt to Beat Cancer

QSAM Biosciences is engaged in the development of radiopharmaceutical medicines for cancer treatment. The company is planning to go public on 7 April by listing on the NASDAQ. We’re studying the issuer’s financial performance and trying to find out whether the stock might find its audience among investors.

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