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The Flag and Pennant Patterns: Trading Details

The Flag and Pennant patterns appear rather frequently on price charts. They are trend continuation patterns, working in the presence of a strong trend, same as trend reversal patterns. When such patterns appear, we may forecast that the trend will continue.

Trading the Trend: Strategy Description and Peculiarities

A trend is defined as a sequence of maximums and minimums. If we say that there is a bullish trend on the market, it means that every next maximum is higher than the previous one and every next minimum is also higher than the previous one. In this case only, we may presume that the trend is ascending and try buying.

Triangle and Wedge Chart Patterns in Technical Analysis

The Triangle pattern appears on different charts rather frequently. Normally, the Wedge is considered a reversal pattern, forming on maximums and minimums of a price chart in an up- or downtrend. A Wedge is quite similar to a Triangle, forming between the two converging support and resistance lines.

The Wolfe Waves: Description and Trading Strategy

This structure of price movement is, in fact, a Wedge pattern. According to the author of the method, a trader should have their unique features and use rare trading instruments in order to be different from the rest of the market players. The Wolfe Waves pattern is able to provide a beginner trader with the keys to a new understanding of market behavior. However, as with any other trading strategy or technical instrument, no matter how successful its trading history may be, much depends on the hands the instrument gets in.

Why Crosses are Important in Forex?

Forex is the largest market across the globe that accounts nearly 90% of all capital markets. Its yearly turnover is ten times bigger than the overall world's GDP.