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Which Stocks Grow During Coronavirus Epidemic?

The opportunity to make some money on the epidemic is not to be disregarded with disgust, because everything in the world is interconnected. Buying stocks, you invest in the company that, in its turn, invests in the invention of the vaccine. Thus, you do not make the situation worse, you help solve the problem.

How to Catch a Trend Reversal? 5 Detection Strategies

One of the set phrases of tech analysis goes: "The current trend will be developing until it reverses". It pushes us to the idea that every trend will finish and reverse sooner or later. In this article, we will learn to detect such reversals.

CopyFX for Investor: How to Use? How to Choose Traders?

In this article, we will discuss how to become an investor on the popular copy-trading platform CopyFX. The platform allows you to make a profit on trading on financial markets, using the experience and skills of professional traders who demonstrate high results in trading.

3 Stocks to Buy in 2020: Delta Air Lines, HP, Morgan Stanley

The 12-year cycle of the growth of the US economy is going on. This is the longest period to be without a crisis. The beginning of 2020 keeps cheering investors up, the stocks keep renewing all-time highs. The ones who bought them earlier grow happier.

Creating Trading Strategies Based on Mean-Reversion and Momentum

I think researches on trading systems is the main issue of building trading strategies. Our main goal is to build a strategy, which will be successful in the future and not only on backtests (curve-fitting). Thatis why I consider it right to start the topic with the description of the two approaches to the creation of trading strategies.