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What You Need to Know to Make Money on the Stock Market?

As a matter of fact, the stock market is one of the most promising ways to get profit provided that you have seed money. This factor is very clearly described in a movie called “Limitless”. The main character takes a new nootropic, which makes his brains extremely powerful. Using these abilities, the character earns a pile of money in a very short period of time. and the stock market is exactly the place where he accomplishes it.

How to Swing-Trade on Forex?

Swing trading is an approach to financial markets that appeared quite a long time ago. It should be3 noted that this is not a system but a style of trading. This means it can contain several tactics and strategies of market behavior.

A Week on the Market (12/09 - 12/15): Central Banks Making the Day

This week is going to be full of events important for the stock and capital markets. It is rare for the sessions of the Fed and the ECB to follow one the other but this is our case. The tension is growing. In these circumstances, the volatility in trades may grow, so caution is necessary more than ever.

Testing the Strategy Three Moving Averages

In our strategy “Three Moving Averages”, we will use three MAs with different periods. One we will use for trend definition and the remaining three – for the entry and exit signals in the current trend.

A Week on the Market (11/25 - 12/01): Search and Find

The fourth week of November is going to be quiet and boring in the sense that there will hardly be any shocking news. However, those who are eager to trade actively will always find reasons for movements even in such dull conditions.

Flat (Range) on the Market: How to Approach It?

To answer the question in the heading we need to understand what is a flat. In literature, this is characterized as a sideways movement without clear direction up- or downwards. To put it simply, the price is moving to the right, the local maximums and minimums are on the same level.

Tesla Stocks May Renew Historical Maximums

Those who wanted to play short lost it again. It seemed that the losses of the traders (accumulating to 5 billion USD, according to some sources) who wished to make a fortune on the decline of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) stocks should have taught the rest a lesson. Alas, the current situation demonstrates that the bears still refuse to believe that Tesla stocks may go on growing.

Top 10 Forex Indicators That Every Trader Needs

Indicators have long been introduced to the trading systems of many traders. As a minimum, they are of good help in chart analysis, as a maximum, they are the base of the whole trading system. Algorithmic trading, which means automatizing the work and creating trading robots, is also mostly based on the signals of various indicators.