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A Week on the Market (12/09 - 12/15): Central Banks Making the Day

This week is going to be full of events important for the stock and capital markets. It is rare for the sessions of the Fed and the ECB to follow one the other but this is our case. The tension is growing. In these circumstances, the volatility in trades may grow, so caution is necessary more than ever.

A Week on the Market (11/25 - 12/01): Search and Find

The fourth week of November is going to be quiet and boring in the sense that there will hardly be any shocking news. However, those who are eager to trade actively will always find reasons for movements even in such dull conditions.

A Week on the Market (11/11 - 11/17): Powell, Statistics, and Trump

This week on the market is unlikely to become too active: there is nothing serious or influential planned. The season of corporate reports is more than halfway through and gives a clear picture of what is going on; Central banks have made all the important decisions; interesting statistics are concentrated in the second half of the week. However, in these circumstances, we still have things worth paying attention to.

Top News of The Past Week

The first week of July turned out rather quiet for capital markets: the end of June was too busy for investors. However, market players found room for movement even in such calm settings.