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A Week in the Market (12/28 - 01/03): A New Year Calmness

One shouldn’t expect a Pre-New Year week to be feverish or volatile: everything that had to happen has already happened. It’s time to take a break to save strengths and come back to financial markets in the New Year as fresh as paint.

A Week in the Market (10/05 - 10/12): Time to Stabilize

Hypothetically, the new week of October must be calmer than the previous one: nothing threatens Donald Trump, the US employment statistics have already been published, and capital markets in the world are stabilizing. However, there will still be issues to pay attention to.

A Week in the Market (09/14 - 09/20): The Times of Central Banks

This week belongs to Central banks – almost every day capital markets will take a look at some of the key regulators and consider its decisions about credit and monetary policy. No steep turns are expected – time has not come for those – but volatility promises to be high.

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