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New COVID-19 Strain Crashes Markets

The new strain of COVID-19 crashed the market. Stock indices, shares of airlines and tourist businesses, futures for Brent and WTI headed down. Certain tech companies and vaccine makers profit from the situation, though. Tech analysis of American stock indices for 29.11.2021.

Why Is Brent Oil Growing, and What Is Next?

Brent oil prices have reached the level of 2018 - $80 per barrel. Find out what has provoked the growth of oil prices and what analysts forecast for the nearest future. A short analysis of gas and coal prices.

Oil Prices Growing Again

Brent and WTI prices are growing after the publication of the oil market by the IEA. Demand for oil will have restored by the end of 2022.

How to Trade Commodities: Guide for Beginners

Trading commodities helps investors diversify their portfolios because these instruments have no connection to the stock or currency market. This article explains what commodities are and how to trade them.

How to Use the Cycle Theory in Financial Markets?

The price goes in cycles: growth changes for a decline, and the decline – for growth. Studying market cycles, an investor can start analyzing and forecasting asset prices without charts, just based on certain time-bound laws and patterns.

Why is Oil Price Growing?

Oil prices have reached their record of the last 13 months. The main reasons sticking to OPEC+ agreements on production, a decrease in the world storage, the stimulation of the US economy, global vaccination, and, finally, record colds in the USA.

Crude Oil Price Forecast: The Most Ambiguous Asset of March

Recently, the behavior of the oil market has been provoking as many questions as exclamations – the whole range of human emotions. In March 2020, oil prices experienced perhaps the most stressful time in the last years. The hard times are not over yet. However, now it is high time to find out what is going on.

A Week on the Market (26.08 - 30.08): Stressed Farewell to August

The last week of August is not likely to be overwhelmed by significant events, but the exchange and stock market are going to have enough issues to pay attention to. The world is turbulent, contemplating new stages in the trade war between the USA and China, which means we have no time for being bored.

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