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Investing in Airlines: Risks are Growing

In 2020, it seemed that vaccination will solve all the problems, and borders will open. However, the vaccination started but new lockdowns followed suit. In such circumstances, investments in airlines become a risky decision.

Airlines Reported Income After COVID-19 Shut Down: Should We Buy Stocks?

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic struck the tourist industry most severely; the tourist industry, in its turn, pulled down airlines. Stocks of the world's largest airlines fell to a minimum costs and the companies started filing for bankruptcy. Passenger flow shrunk by over 80%; nowadays, airlines struggle to fill their airplanes with passengers and survive the crisis.

Coronavirus Landed Aircraft. Airline Stocks: Sell Only

The coronavirus pandemic has made one of the hardest hits to the entire aviation industry. The stocks of many airlines have become cheaper by more than 70%. Any investor is now able to buy the stocks of any of those companies at the lowest price possible.

3 Stocks to Buy in 2020: Delta Air Lines, HP, Morgan Stanley

The 12-year cycle of the growth of the US economy is going on. This is the longest period to be without a crisis. The beginning of 2020 keeps cheering investors up, the stocks keep renewing all-time highs. The ones who bought them earlier grow happier.

Buffett Increasing His Delta Airlines Share

Delta Airlines (NYSE: DAL) is one of the largest US air companies. Founded in 1924, it is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. The company owns 893 airplanes, all used for passenger shipping. Thankfully, Delta has never used Boeing 737 MAX 8, which is now under temporary ban after the accident in Ethiopia, which means the number of flights is not going to be reduced.

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