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A Week in the Market (09/14 - 09/20): The Times of Central Banks

This week belongs to Central banks – almost every day capital markets will take a look at some of the key regulators and consider its decisions about credit and monetary policy. No steep turns are expected – time has not come for those – but volatility promises to be high.

A Week in the Market (09/07 - 09/13): Central Banks Open Season

The new week of September will bring in tow decisions on the interest rates from the Banks of England and Canada, as well as a flow of important macroeconomic reports. At the beginning of the week, investors will have a chance to have a rest from raging market volatility but later on, they will have to put themselves together not to miss the most interesting things.

A Week in the Market: Things are Going to Be Interesting

The beginning of this week of August is calm and extremely quiet: nothing new on the macroeconomic calendar, the news flow is smooth. However, the information is going to become more and more topical, while the rates of currencies and assets will fluctuate more actively.

A Week in the Market (08/03 - 08/09): Time for a Pause

The end of July turned out to be extremely volatile for capital markets. August is traditionally considered a troublesome and unpredictable month for finance and assets; nonetheless, the beginning of the month may let us pause and make our thoughts clear.

A Week in the Market (07/06 - 07/12): Positive Moods

Another week of July is already here, and the expectations are neutral. It offers statistics – but not fatal, actions of Central banks – but predictable, and news – but pretty stable. It is high time to breathe out and relax a bit unless the news flow brings up something unexpected.

A Week on the Market (06/08 - 06/14): Markets Need Only Good News

The oil cartel is keeping capital markets positive, while the labor market in the USA demonstrates hidden power. There is little that can spoil the investors' mood except for the overbought state of the market. In the new week, market players may go on buying until they decide that things are getting too expensive.

Top Market News of the Week (04/20 - 04.26): Too Much Coronavirus, Too Little News

Well, here we have yet another week of April; this month has become a mock vacation for the majority of citizens, a disaster for a large number of businesses, a revelation of a row of economic problems. Not much has changed since last week. However, there is good news: outside is spring, and summer is coming. Judging by the Chinese experience, the quarantine will come to its end someday, and life will get back to normal.