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What Intel and AMD Are Reporting

Today we will examine the quarterly reports of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Intel Corporation. We will see which segments of their business are profitable and analyse the semiconductor sector.

Quarterly statements from Twitter, Snap, and Intel

Quarterly statements from Twitter, Snap, and Intel were published on July 22nd. The first company reported the biggest revenue growth over seven years, the second – a 50% decline in losses, while the third one announced drops in both revenue and profit. Tech analysis of Twitter, Snap, and Intel shares

Intel's Stocks: Swift Growth Changed For Steep Decline

Intel reported the results of Q4 and the whole 2020. The financial performance got a positive market reaction: the stocks leaped up by over 6%. However, the words of the management about the perspectives dropped them by over 9%.

What Stocks to Buy on the Declining Market?

The S&P500 index fell again upon testing its historical maximums. The last two waves of declining were used by investors as a chance to buy with the aim to take at the start of the new ascending trend. However, as soon as the price reaches its record values, the buyers disappear and those who bought earlier lock in their profit, putting pressure on the index.

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