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How ChatGPT Could Affect Microsoft's Business

Today we take a closer look at ChatGPT and OpenAI, examine how Microsoft is involved with the company, and explore how the IT giant could benefit from incorporating AI technology into its products.

Quarterly Reports Affect IBM and AT&T Shares

Quarterly reports of IBM and AT&T were published on October 20th and 21st. The results of Q3, 2021 made the shares of the companies fall by 9.56% and 0.58%, respectively. Tech analysis of IBM and AT&T shares for 22.10.2021.

Quarterly statements from IBM, Netflix, Coca-Cola

This week, quarterly reports were published by IBM, Netflix, and Coca-Cola. The biggest revenue growth of IBM over three years. The decline in the number of American and Canadian subscribers. Coca-Cola surpassed its pre-covid numbers.

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