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How to Trade Stocks in 2022: Beginners Guide

In this post, we have put together information for beginners on how to invest in stocks. We described it in the most simple and accessible words. If you still think that investing in stocks is difficult, then this post is for you!

Stripe Sold Shares for $1 Billion

Silver Lake, Capital Group, Shopify, and Sequoia Capital bought Stripe shares for $1 billion. The most expensive startup of the Silicone Valley amounts to $95 billion.

IPO of Paymentus Holdings Inc.: a Fintech for Smaller Businesses

In this article, I’ll tell you about an IPO of Paymentus Holdings Inc., the company that developed a cloud platform for bill payments. Unlike many other fintech companies, Paymentus is entering the market being profitable with an annual earnings growth rate of over 25%.

Squarespace Inc DPO: a Website for Dummies

In this article, I’ll tell you about the Direct Public Offering of SquareSpace, a company that helps individual entrepreneurs to create websites for their businesses without having any programming skills. Unlike many other tech companies, SquareSpace is entering the market being a profitable company.

Types of Corporate Actions Every Investor Should Know

In this article, we’ll describe major corporate actions, their types, and the role they play in stock value formation. We’ll also talk about how to use corporate actions when analyzing the market situation and choosing companies for investments.

How to Use the Cycle Theory in Financial Markets?

The price goes in cycles: growth changes for a decline, and the decline – for growth. Studying market cycles, an investor can start analyzing and forecasting asset prices without charts, just based on certain time-bound laws and patterns.

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