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Facebook Shares Are Falling: Apple Is to Blame

Facebook shares lost almost 4% of the price, reaching $343.21, after a negative forecast about its financial performance. The latter is expected to worsen due to a slump in the revenue from ads. The reason is the new privacy policy of Apple.

News about Split Made NVIDIA Shares Grow

A couple of days before the quarterly report, the board of directors of NVIDIA announced a 1 to 4 split of the company’s shares. If the meeting of shareholders supports the split, the corrected shares will start trading on July 20th. The news made the quotations of the tech company grow by 2.6%.

AMD Shares Reacted to News about Buyback

A microcircuit manufacturer AMD announced a shares buyback program for up to $4 billion. The shares will be bought in the open market. It isn’t clear how long the program will last. AMD shares already grew by 5% in two days.

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