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Why Are Novavax and Moderna Shares Falling?

Novavax and Moderna shares have started to fall. The reasons are as follows: Novavax has postponed its application to the FDA, and its quarterly report is weak, while Moderna shares are naturally correcting. Tech analysis of Novavax and Moderna shares.

Novavax Stocks: To Buy or to Sell?

On January 29th, 2020 I published an article about Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX) Which Stocks Grow During Coronavirus Epidemic?. I could not imagine then that the stock price of this company will sky-rocket to 100 USD. I turned out there were no limits to the greed of investors.

Which Stocks Grow During Coronavirus Epidemic?

The opportunity to make some money on the epidemic is not to be disregarded with disgust, because everything in the world is interconnected. Buying stocks, you invest in the company that, in its turn, invests in the invention of the vaccine. Thus, you do not make the situation worse, you help solve the problem.

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