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Shooting Pips: Trading the Sniper Strategy

Today, there are plenty of trading strategies and work options for various markets both with indicators and without them. The Sniper strategy belongs to the second group: it consists of chart analysis solely, involving no additional indicators.

What do You Know about Forex Trading Systems?

Before talking about forex trading systems, it would be better to find out what systems exist at all, which system suits which trader and what trading system to choose. Searching for your best forex system through trial and error may take years, that is why this issue requires a systemic approach.

What is Scalping on Forex?

Who in the world of trading hasn’t heard of scalping? Probably, you may know it as pipsing, but all traders surely heard a lot of different things about it, some of them tried it in practice, others are just going to, that’s why I guess it would be interesting to go into details of such thing as scalping.

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