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How to Trade the "Day Movement" Strategy

In this review, we will get acquainted with the short-term strategy "Day Movement". It is based on identifying and trading a sideways price range (flat) formed before the start of the European trading session.

How to Trade the Right Moment Strategy

This is an introduction to the "Right Moment" indicator strategy. We will tell you how to set up the indicators and how to buy and sell using the strategy. We will give examples of buying and selling using the "Right Moment" strategy.

Scalping Strategy with EMA

Learn how to combine 38 moving averages for fast scalping on 1-minute charts. We cover position management rules and options for setting Stop Loss and Take Profit.

How to Trade by One-Two Strategy

The One-Two trading strategy is based on the signals of a popular trend indicator Bollinger Bands. The article describes its peculiarities, use in trading, and examples of selling and buying by the strategy.

VSA Method: How to Trade Volumes

In this article, the author describes the VSA Method — a method of market analysis created by Tom Williams. The method is based on studying the spread, volume, and closing price of the bar. Also, it helps find the points in which the price escapes flats, and reversal patterns on highs and lows.

How to Trade by Puria Method Strategy?

In this overview, we will discuss an indicator strategy known as the Puria method. Regardless of such a mysterious name, this is quite a simple and understandable strategy based on signals from four standard indicators.

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