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Coronavirus: Planning to Buy Stocks Of Food Services

The crisis goes on; however, it is time to choose the stocks worth buying. It is rather difficult to find the bottom of the stock market; nonetheless, in our situation, the coronavirus data will be the hint. Special attention should be paid to China, where the virus first appeared.

Profit from Investments in Pharmaceutical Companies Amounts to Hundreds Percent Due to Coronavirus

Coronavirus keeps threatening the world economy. The S&P500 index is again trading near its recent lows: by the moment this article is published, it will most probably have broken the support level at 2,850 USD and go on declining.

Gazprom – Should One Expect a New Growth After the Start of a Descending Correction?

Last summer, Gazprom stocks showed an excellent upwards dynamic and finally broke the sideways channel where they had been moving for several years. From the technical point of view, nothing extraordinary happened: as soon as the price is leaving a sideways channel, volatility is increasing and they may easily cover the distance equal to the width of this channel in the direction of a breakout. This is exactly what we’ve seen in the Gazprom chart