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Airbnb and Uber Shares Are Growing After Reports for Q3, 2021

Quarterly reports of Airbnb and Uber were published on the same day – November 4th. Airbnb reported all-time high revenue and profit, Uber – a doubled loss. The shares of Airbnb and Uber grew by 12.98% and 4.24%, respectively. Tech analysis of Airbnb and Uber shares for 08.11.2021.

IPO of DiDi: Taxi in a Chinese Way

A Chinese taxi service DiDi Global (Xiaoju Kuaizhi Inc.) is going to have an IPO at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). In this article, we’ll discuss how attractive this issuer’s shares are.

Uber: Failure of IPO. Reasons and Consequences

On May 10th, 2019 NYSE hosted the IPO of well-known Uber (NYSE: UBER). This event was watched closely by the financial world as this IPO was considered one of the largest ones in 2019. Apart from all media being concentrated on the event, the company notified its drivers all over the world, giving them bonuses for the stock purchase. Thus, this IPO should have become not only the largest but the most successful one.

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