The Basics Of Fundamental Analysis

What is fundamental analysis? How does news influence Forex? Main economic indices Where do we get the data for fundamental analysis from? How to use the Economic calendar How to use fundamental analysis on Forex Summary What is fundamental analysis? The influence of fundamental data on the dynamics of financial instruments is studied by a […]

How To Make Money On IPO?

What is IPOGoals of IPOAdvantages of IPODrawbacks of IPOTypes of IPOUnderwritingTypes of contracts between the issuer and the underwriterDirect listingRisks of direct listingRoad ShowHow to make money on IPOSummary What is IPO IPO stands for Initial Public Offering of the stocks of the issuing company on the stock market. In other words, through the IPO […]

Top News of the Week: Federal Reserve, Bitcoin and Some Statistics

EUR/USD: Federal Reserve attracted maximum attention Recently the major currency pair has grown significantly; however, this is not because the euro has become surprisingly strong out of the blue. The reason is in the policy of the US Federal Reserve system, specifically, their decision to lower the interest rate on the July session. There is […]

How to Trade in MetaTrader 5?

General information on MetaTrader 5 trading platform Differences between MT4 and MT5 MT5 installation MT5 Interface Placing orders and Depth of Market Placing stop limits How to add an Expert Advisor in MT5 Testing automated strategies Summary General information on MetaTrader 5 trading platform MetaTrader 5 was released in 2010. It is intended for performing […]

Bitcoin Has Grown Beyond $10,000; What To Expect From NVIDIA?

In 2015 one could buy Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) stocks for just 20 USD each; however, an unexpected growth of interest toward cryptocurrencies has changed the investors’ view of this company accordingly. The more the cryptocurrency market grew, the more people wanted to mine: individuals with 1 to 10 graphic cards as well as major investors, owning mining farms with thousands of graphic cards. All this led to increased demand for GPU, and the income of Nvidia has started growing, too. The management realized that the boost was temporary; nonetheless, they tried to get the most from the existing demand. As a result, there appeared a whole department engaged in development of GPU chips for mining.

MACD Indicator: Settings, Trading, Divergence

What is MACD MACD settings Convergence And Divergence Trading With The MACD Summary What is MACD The MACD is one of the most popular technical indicators. It is included into most trading platforms for financial and commodity markets. The indicator was created almost 40 years ago by Gerald Appel. It was first used in 1979. […]