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How to Trade Dragon Pattern: Manual

Many traders know such patterns as Double Top and Double Bottom, yet not many people know the Dragon pattern. The article is devoted to trading by this exotic structure.

How to Trade EUR/GBP?

This article is devoted to this currency pair, its history and peculiarities, and trading strategies that suit it.

How to Trade “Tasuki Gap” Pattern?

In this article, we’ll discuss rules and methods of trading the “Tasuki Gap” pattern. You won’t find it very often, but it’s a quite strong pattern of trend continuation from the candlestick analysis.

Quiz: How Good You Are at Trading

We have prepared for you a short quiz so that you could check yourself. Answer these 10 questions below and find out how good you are at trading.

How to Trade USD/RUB?

USD/RUB (US Dollar/Russian Ruble) is an exotic currency pair, in which the quoting currency is the most interesting. How to trade USD/RUB, and what characteristic does it have? All the answers are in the article.

Doji Pattern: Types and Trading

This overview is devoted to the ways of trading the Doji pattern. This is a candlestick analysis pattern that appears on the price chart from time to time and promise a possible correction or a reversal of the actual trend.

How to Trade the Engulfing Pattern?

This overview is devoted to the Engulfing pattern; to how it forms and works. This candlestick pattern is easy to note on the chart. It forecasts a reversal of the actual trend.

How to Trade Hanging Man and Inverted Hammer?

This over view is devoted to two reversal patterns from candlestick analysis: the Hanging Man and Inverted Hammer. When they appear on the chart, this means a correction or a reversal might start.

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