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How to Trade EUR/JPY

Thanks to good volatility and a small spread, EUR/JPY is popular among traders. The pair can be traded by fundamental or tech analysis and with the help of indicators.

How to Set Up Charts on MetaTrader 4

This article is devoted to working with charts on a popular MetaTrader 4 platform. Charts help track and analyze quotes movements of financial instruments and forecast their future behaviour.

How to Trade USD/CNH

USD/CNH is a popular currency pair. The drawbacks are the fact that the yuan exchange rate is toughly regulated, and its fluctuations are limited. The advantages are: rather high average daily volatility and stable trend. The article describes the main peculiarities of trading USD/CNH.

How to Trade USD/ZAR

USD/ZAR is an exotic currency pair with high volatility. Some traders tend to avoid it. The article describes trading options for this pair.

How to Trade USD/CAD Currency Pair?

USD/CAD – the US dollar against the Canadian dollar – is a major currency pair, popular among Forex traders. The article describes some factors that influence the quotations and the main ways of trading the pair.

How to Trade Dragon Pattern: Manual

Many traders know such patterns as Double Top and Double Bottom, yet not many people know the Dragon pattern. The article is devoted to trading by this exotic structure.

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