Victor Gryazin


Has traded in financial markets since 2004. The knowledge and experience he has acquired constitute his own approach to analyzing assets, which he is happy to share with the listeners of RoboForex webinars.

The author’s articles

Triple Screen Trading System How-To

In this review, we will discuss a trading strategy called Triple Screen, designed by a popular trader and author Alexander Elder. This is one of the most famous strategies suitable for all financial markets.

Catch Your Smash Day with Larry Williams

In this article, we will discuss the trading methods of a famous exchange trader Larry Williams. His expertise is confirmed by his victory in a prestigious world futures championship Robbins World Cup with a phenomenal result — over 11000% profit in a year.

Trading Like Sperandeo: 1-2-3 Reversal and 2B Pattern

In this article, we will discuss the trading methods of a famous Wall Street trader Victor Sperandeo. A long-time experience of trading on exchanges and managing investments as well as several books on trading have brought Sperandeo the popularity he deserves.

CopyFX for Investor: How to Use? How to Choose Traders?

In this article, we will discuss how to become an investor on the popular copy-trading platform CopyFX. The platform allows you to make a profit on trading on financial markets, using the experience and skills of professional traders who demonstrate high results in trading.

Joe Ross Trading Strategy: Using Hooks

Long-term experience of successful trading, personal strategies, and some books published made Ross popular, and he deserves it. The Ross hooks are a simple but efficient instrument of tech analysis that allows entering the market at low risk in the direction of the new trend

CopyFX: Your Helper on Forex

The CopyFX platform, being up-to-date, allows normal trading on your account and simultaneously sharing your experience with other people for additional income.

Top 10 Forex Indicators That Every Trader Needs

Indicators have long been introduced to the trading systems of many traders. As a minimum, they are of good help in chart analysis, as a maximum, they are the base of the whole trading system. Algorithmic trading, which means automatizing the work and creating trading robots, is also mostly based on the signals of various indicators.

Momentum: Efficient Oscillator or Trend Indicator?

Momentum is one of the simplest and most popular indicators among traders. As its creator, certain sources name a French mathematician Paul Émile Appell. This indicator helps define the trend direction and the speed of the price change.

Trading the News: How to Make Money on GDP?

How do you use the GDP data in trading? In the classical variant, the GDP data significantly higher than forecast promises growth of the national currency, so buys are in priority. Conversely, the GDP data weaker than expected entails a decline in the national currency rate, so sells are recommended. Also, you should evaluate the technical picture and prepare a trading plan.

Trading the News: How to Earn on Interest Rates of Central Banks?

The size of the main interest rate is the base for the interest rates of other instruments, such as state and corporate bonds, credit rates for legal entities and physical persons. Central banks resort to changing interest rates rather seldom; such changes are considered major market events, and market players keep a close eye on them.

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