Trading – the most popular patterns

What is pattern in tech analysis? Head & Shoulders and Inverted Head & Shoulders chart patterns Double Top and Double Bottom chart patterns Triple Top and Triple Bottom chart patterns Wedge chart pattern Diamond chart pattern Rectangle chart pattern Flag chart pattern Triangle chart pattern 1. What is a pattern in tech analysis? A pattern […]

This week on the market: ECB is not ready to act; the UK is preparing for the “hardcore” Brexit

The July meeting of the European Central Bank, the new Prime Minister of Great Britain is a supporter of the “hardcore” Brexit, the slowdown in US GDP, Twitter net profit breaking records, and the US Internet giants are under investigation among the main news of last week.

Long-term investment. How to choose stocks

Any trader who has decided to quit intraday trading, faces the question: what criteria to use for choosing stocks for long-term investment and what is worth paying attention to first hand. In this case the trader should start from the simplest – look at those indices that appear on the net first of all and are available to each investor not eager to go into detail.

What To Expect From Google, McDonald’s And Starbucks This Week?

This week investor attention on the market will be attracted to the reports of such widely known companies as Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG), McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) and Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX). Let us have a look at these companies and study the market expectations about them. Alphabet Inc. stock analysis For the last six months Alphabet stocks […]

A Week on the Market: Dollar Fears Not, Pound at Its Minimums

Cryptocurrencies need regulating. - Mnuchin The US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin thinks that millions of dollars are laundered via cryptocurrencies. In this light he considers it necessary to introduce regulations to the cryptocurrency market same as to normal financial services, which means rather tough regulations.However, in order to start regulating the market, it […]

The Basics Of Fundamental Analysis

What is fundamental analysis? How does news influence Forex? Main economic indices Where do we get the data for fundamental analysis from? How to use the Economic calendar How to use fundamental analysis on Forex Summary What is fundamental analysis? The influence of fundamental data on the dynamics of financial instruments is studied by a […]

How to Make Money on IPO?

What is IPOGoals of IPOAdvantages of IPODrawbacks of IPOTypes of IPOUnderwritingTypes of contracts between the issuer and the underwriterDirect listingRisks of direct listingRoad ShowHow to make money on IPOSummary What is IPO IPO stands for Initial Public Offering of the stocks of the issuing company on the stock market. In other words, through the IPO […]