September has long become the time of increased attention towards Apple because at the beginning of autumn the American tech giant shows to the world its updated products. This year is no exception.

However, the presentation of new Apple devices is not the only news about the company this autumn: the court finally put an end to the tiresome trial against a game developer Epic Games.

As you have already noticed, we have a lot of things to talk about. Let's get started and find out what's going on with the business of Apple and how its shares react.

Apple shares falling after the presentation of updates

I'll violate the chronological order and start from the long-awaited presentation that was held on September 14th. The company presented Apple Watch series seven, new iPad and iPad mini tablets, and, of course, four iPhone 13 models.

In Bloomberg, they've managed to notice that the share price of the IT corporation always drops a bit on the day when new smartphones are presented. The only exception was 2007, when the world saw the first iPhone. The tradition worked this year as well: on September 14th the quotations of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) closed at a decline by 0.96%, reaching $148.12 per share.

Analysts say that the positive influence of the novelties is already included in the price. Market participants have got accustomed to new Apple devices appearing about once a year and, even more than that, before the official release the Internet gets full of details about the innovations. So, most often, the corporation creates no wow effect.

Release of iPhone 13 affected the shares of satellite companies

On August 29th, Appleinsider published an article quoting Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, who said that new Apple smartphones would have satellite connection.

On the next day, the shares of such satellite companies as Globalstar (NYSE: GREAT), Iridium Communications (NASDAQ: IRDM), and AST SpaceMobil (NASDAQ: ASTS) demonstrated sharp and noticeable growth — by 64.34%, 15.41%, and 12.47%, respectively.

However, on September 14th the representatives of Apple said nothing concerning satellite connection regarding iPhones. On the same day, the shares of Globalstar dropped by 23.35% to $1.75, Iridium Communications — by 3.49% to $45.34, and AST SpaceMobil — by 5.43% to $11.33.

The results of trial Epic Games vs Apple

On September 10th, the court decided that the company from Cupertino may not impose its billing system only and keep developers away from giving links to their payment services. Yet the tech giant was not called a monopolist yet.

As for the actions of Epic Games, placing a link to an alternative payment option in the Fortnite game on iOS devices, circumferencing App Store, was interpreted by the court as a violation of the agreement. Hence, the developer will have to pay Apple 30% of the profit made that time to Apple.

I don't think that any of the sides can be called a winner in this case. Epic Games representatives claimed at once that they would challenge the court decision, so that the tech corporation was called a monopolist.

Apple, in its turn, though it claims a victory, lost dominance in its own shop. The new App Store rules will touch upon not only streaming platforms but all apps as well. On the same day, Apple shares lost 3.31%, dropping to $148.97.

Shares of game developers growing after the trial

  • Applovin (NASDAQ: APP) — +8.85% to $77.38
  • Playtika Holding (NASDAQ: PLTK) — +6.08% to $28.26
  • Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA) — +6.28% to $8.8
  • Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI) — +2.04% to $79.64
  • Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) — +1.98% to $145.13

Summing up

Apple shares lost 3.31% after the verdict on its trial against Epic Games was announced. Indeed, the company was not called a monopolist, but it will have to revise the payment rules in App Store. After the presentation of new products the shares fell again — by 0.96% only this time. Analysts say that the positive influence has already been included in the stock price.

Both events influenced the quotations of other companies: the first one touched upon game developers, the second one — certain satellite companies.

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