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Locking on Forex: Strategy Description

A Lock is several positions open for one instrument in different directions on one trading account. We shall discuss it on the example of Forex, as long as on stock markets, in the USA specifically, locking one instrument is illegal; one can only hedge risks by other instruments (buy one, sell another). Locking is also possible with CFDs.

How to Trade Pin Bars: Forex Strategy Review

The classic Pin Bar forms on the critical support/resistance levels at the maximal/minimal values in the places where, theoretically, the trend may end. However, there are more options for the Pin Bar formation, which are the places of the trend correction.

Trading Against the Trend: Highlights, Risk Management

Trading against the main trend entails lots of difficulties and additional risks. As a rule, the trader in such a situation tries to catch a correction; however, it would be more efficient to wait for the completion of the current trend and enter a trade in the new trend. Even the most high-quality signal or pattern always realizes if it goes against the main trend. The trader has to be as attentive as possible and control risks if they try to enter trades against the main movement or catch the completion of the latter.

EXTRA Trading Strategy Basics

EXTRA strategy, like any other, has long-term, mid-term and short-term goals. At the basis of this strategy lies a MATRIX. A matrix is practically the basic structure of the Elliott waves.

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