Patent Argument Is Over: Google and Oracle Shares Growing

Patent Argument Is Over: Google and Oracle Shares Growing

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Did you know that the American tech giants Alphabet, the parent company of Google, and Oracle were in the midst of a tiresome judicial war over a decade? One of these days, the US Supreme Court finally put an end to it. What was the reason for the war and who was the winner? Find out now.

In the far-away 2010 — breathe in and out — Oracle accused Google of stealing 11,500 ready Java lines whilst creating the Android OS. As you know, Java programming language was invented by Sun Microsystems, which is a part of Oracle corporation.

The plaintiff company increased the compensation sum several times, finally inflating it to a colossal bubble of $9 billion. Also mind that in 2010, Sun Microsystems cost the IT conglomerate $7.4 billion.

Supreme Court accepted Alphabet innocent

On April 5th, the Supreme Court of the USA concluded that Google had made no copyright infringement and by using those 11,500 lines of the code went by the norms of fair use. Well, as if it was an absolutely necessary step for creating that new product — Android.

Note that this decision wasn't unanimous: six out of eight court members supported Alphabet. The verdict abolishes the results of the court of appeal that had called Google guilty before and supported Oracle.

Claims of the sides after the court session

Kent Walker, senior vice-president on international relationship of Google wrote on his Twitter:

Senior vice-president on public relations of Oracle Deborah Hellinger claims that the behavior of Google was the behavior of a monopolist as they had stolen Java and fought over it in court for ten years. That is why, she thinks, regulators all over the world and in the USA study its business methods.

Google and Oracle shares growing

On April 5th, after the verdict was announced, the stock price of Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) grew by 4.19% to $2218.96. Since the beginning of the year, these shares grew by 26%.

On Monday, the shares of Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) grew by 3.27% to $74.16 at the closing of trades. As for this years' statistics, it isn't as impressive as that of Alphabet. Since January 1st, the shares grew by 14%.

Summing up

Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, won a patent argument with Oracle. It started in 2010. The Supreme Court decided there had been no copyright infringement, hence, Oracle would see no compensation of $9 billion USD.

The news had a positive influence on the shares of both corporations: the stocks of Alphabet grew by 4.19%, and Oracle — by 3.27%. The representatives of the latter keep accusing the opponents of stealth and monopoly.

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