If you thought that all interesting quarterly reports were over, you were wrong. This week, a financial report for Q3, financial 2022 was presented by an American company NVIDIA.

The company demonstrated all-time high revenue and a very optimistic forecast for this quarter. Do you want to know the details and the tech analysis of the chip-maker's shares? Make yourself comfortable, and let's get started.

NVIDIA report for Q3, financial 2022: income grows by 50%

Financial statistics of NVIDIA for August-October 2021 was issued on November 17th, after the main trades closed. Performance of the chip-maker and computation leader turned out above expectations of Wall Street analysts.

In August, I wrote that, by the report of NVIDIA for Q2, financial 2022, the revenue of the video card and micro chips designer reached its all-time high of $6.51 billion. And in Q3, the record was beaten, and the revenue reached $7.1 billion.

Important report details

  • Revenue — $7.103 billion, +50%, forecast — $6.83 billion.
  • Return on stock — $0.97, +83%, forecast — $0.89.
  • Net profit — $2.464 billion, +84%

NVIDIA sales department-wise

Apart from general revenue, the corporation can boast all-time high revenue of certain segments. For example, the data-center department last quarter generated $2.94 billion of revenue, demonstrating growth by 55% compared to the same part of 2020.

From the gaming sector, the corporation received even more — $3.2 billion. August through October 2021, the revenue it generated grew by 42%.

The most prominent growth last quarter was demonstrated by the professional visualization sector. Sales grew by 144.5%, reaching $577 million. High-perfotmance graphics processors for professionals gained special popularity.

However, the department for car industry products failed to impress investors by its quarterly performance. It, indeed, demonstrated growth by 8% to $135 million against Q3, financial 2021. However, against previous quarter, there is a decline by 11%.

NVIDIA shares Sky-Rocket

On November 18th, on the next day after the report was issued, the share price of NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) closed with growth by 8.25% to $316.75. Over the trading session, the quotations reached the high of $327.31. As you know, the shares have grown by 143% since January.

Tech analysis of NVIDIA shares by Maksim Artyomov

After the quarterly report, the shares of the company keep growing. Winding up the correction by a tech analysis pattern Pennant, the quotations started off by the signal. As long as the price renewed its all-time high again, the uptrend is likely to continue.

Another signal supporting the growth is the 200-days Moving Average that is also growing. As long as the profit of the company is also increasing, the quotations might reach $360 by the next quarterly report.

Tech analysis of Nvidia shares for 19.11.2021

Summing up

This week, performance in Q3, financial 2022 was reported by Nvidia. The designer of graphics processors and microchips boasted all-time high revenue of $7.1 billion.

Moreover, the company voiced a very optimistic forecast for the current quarter. They expect the income in November-January to reach $7.4 billion, setting a new record. Also, the quarterly gross profit will reach 65.3%.

With such a report and forecast, the quotations of the company grew by over 8%. Experts say that even with such speedy growth that we have seen over the year, the quotations still have potential for further growth.

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