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Fall of Stocks Lost Zoom the Biggest Deal in Its History

Due to the growth rate slowdown of the revenue and the number of users, Zoom Video Communications shares have lost over 28% in three months. As a consequence – a collapse of the deal between Zoom and Five9. After that, shares of both companies have added 2.3% and 4.7% respectively.

Choosing Stocks of Cyber Security Companies

Hacker attacks are escaping the virtual world. They now put plants on a halt and provoke shortages of goods. Investments in cyber security have naturally become more active. Who will make money on it? Find out the answer in the article.

Why Is Brent Oil Growing, and What Is Next?

Brent oil prices have reached the level of 2018 - $80 per barrel. Find out what has provoked the growth of oil prices and what analysts forecast for the nearest future. A short analysis of gas and coal prices.

Facebook Shares Are Falling: Apple Is to Blame

Facebook shares lost almost 4% of the price, reaching $343.21, after a negative forecast about its financial performance. The latter is expected to worsen due to a slump in the revenue from ads. The reason is the new privacy policy of Apple.

Why Did US and European Indices Fall?

At the beginning of the week, American and European stock indices dropped because of fears around a possible bankruptcy of the Chinese largest developer Evergrande and the end of the Fed’s stimulation program. Is there a new global crisis to come?

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