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What is the Cost-of-Living Index?

This article introduces the Cost of living index (COLI) and explains its purpose. We will look at what items of expenditure it takes into account, how it is calculated and how it differs from the Consumer price index (CPI).

OKYO Pharma IPO: Innovative Treatment for Xerophthalmia

The IPO of OKYO Pharma Limited will take place on 15 December on the NASDAQ exchange. The company is engaged in the development of drugs for the treatment of ophthalmic diseases. We take a closer look at OKYO Pharma Limited's business and financial position.

How to Trade the Crab Pattern

Let's get acquainted with the harmonic pattern "Crab". Consider the stages of its formation on the price chart and the strategy for using it in trading. We will make a comparison with the "Deep Sea Crab" pattern.

How to Trade the Right Moment Strategy

This is an introduction to the "Right Moment" indicator strategy. We will tell you how to set up the indicators and how to buy and sell using the strategy. We will give examples of buying and selling using the "Right Moment" strategy.

How to Trade With the ABCD Pattern

In this review, we will get acquainted with the ABCD harmonic pattern. We will look at how it is formed, and how it can be used in trading. We will tell you what tools you will need to find it on the chart.

Is the Interest Rate Growth Cycle Coming to an End?

In this article, we will try to analyse what is currently happening to the US economy, what parameters Mr. Powell is focusing on, why inflation fell in October, and whether there is any chance that this dynamic will continue in the future.

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