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Andrew's Pitchfork - Efficient Graphic Instrument

Andrew's Pitchfork is an instrument of graphic analysis based on the middle trendline and an equidistant channel. Unfortunately, this method of trading and analysis is not very popular among traders; however, it seems to be perfect for drawing a channel quickly and trading bounces off and breakouts of its borders.

Getting Acquainted with CCI Indicator

In this review, we will discuss an interesting technical indicator CCI (Commodity Channel Index). This indicator helps to find an approaching correction or reversal on the price chart.

Trading with Heiken Ashi indicator

The Heiken Ashi (translated as "middle candlestick") indicator is just another way of representing the price chart as candlesticks, different from the popular Japanese candlesticks. In essence, it is an alternative way of drawing a price chart by averaging. The Heiken Ashi indicator is featured by many popular trading terminals, including MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Top 10 Forex Indicators That Every Trader Needs

Indicators have long been introduced to the trading systems of many traders. As a minimum, they are of good help in chart analysis, as a maximum, they are the base of the whole trading system. Algorithmic trading, which means automatizing the work and creating trading robots, is also mostly based on the signals of various indicators.

Momentum: Efficient Oscillator or Trend Indicator?

Momentum is one of the simplest and most popular indicators among traders. As its creator, certain sources name a French mathematician Paul Émile Appell. This indicator helps define the trend direction and the speed of the price change.

What Should a Trader Know About the Williams' Percent Range?

The Williams Percent Range (Williams %R) is an oscillator of the price movement speed showing the position of the current price in the range between the low and high of the previous periods. The indicator is drawn in a separate window under the price chart and consists of the main line %R and two areas: the overbought and oversold ones.

How Can ADX Help a Trader?

the ADX, or the Average Directional Movement Index, has not become as widespread as, say, the RSI. It is most likely due to the complexity of its formula; what is more, it is more of a trend indicator, and a beginner is seldom ready to trade large movements with large Stop Losses.

How to Use Moving Average Indicator: Description and Trading

One of the most popular indicators (and, perhaps, the one that a trader first comes across starting their way on Forex) is the Moving Average (MA). The Moving Average belongs to the group of trend indicators and shows the average price of the chosen currency during a certain period of time.

Getting Acquainted with the Pivot Points

The history of the Pivot Points indicator began in the early 30s of the twentieth century when a mathematician and a that-time famous trader Henry Chase decided to create an indicator meant for the security market. The synonym for a pivot would be a reversal, so a pivot point is a level on which the price reverses. So, the basis of the Pivot Point indicator is the idea that the market takes everything into account and repeats itself with time. The indicator was created in such a way that the opening and closing prices may serve as the support and resistance levels in the future.

Parabolic Sar Indicator: Description of Use

The author of the Parabolic Sar is J. Welles Wilder. He first used it in 1976. In his book "New Concepts In Technical Trading Systems" Wilder presented several indicators: the Parabolic Sar, RSI, ADX.

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